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The Functional Polymer Interfaces Group mission is to translate fundamental knowledge on design principles and properties of polymer interfaces to (bio) technological applications and sustainable materials.

Our group hosts a synergistic combination of competences in preparative and physical chemistry of polymers and colloids. This includes controlled modification of interfaces, physical-chemical evaluation of their properties and fundamental understanding of correlations between macroscopic interfacial phenomena and their molecular origins. We aim to translate obtained results into (bio)technological solutions for (bio)catalysis and (bio)sensing. Our innovative research program embraces both basic- and application-oriented projects.


Bavarian Polymer Institute - BPI

University of Bayreuth

Universit├Ątsstra├če 30

95447 Bayreuth


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Susanne Wolf

Tel.: +49 (0)921 55 4475

Web: www.bpi-polymers.com